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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
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Sedang Dalam Perbaikan!!!!

Sedang Dalam Perbaikan!!!!


Wonder Orchestra Glass Loud

The worldwide hit seller WONDER ORCHESTRA has came out with a new version.
This time it is the Glass Harp.

Usually to play this instrument you would pour some water into a special wine glass and run your fingertips along the top of the glass.
You may have seen some videos off YouTube, however few have seen live performances.
The reason is simple, it is difficult to play the Glass Harp.

If you use Wonder Orchestra (Glass Harp ver.) it would become ever so simple.
Here are some effects for example, but this is just a small part of the unlimited possibilities.

Prepare some glasses, cups, cans, bottles anything of your choice on a table and fill them with some water.
You are already ready to perform a harmony of miracles.

Usually the glass harp is played with special wine glasses.
However, if you have Wonder Orchestra you will be able to perform with bottles, coffee cups, etc.
Anything you touch will become a musical instrument.

WONDER ORCHESTRA is a small sound device which is invisible from your spectator.
In the end your hands are empty.
Each unit contains various sounds, and melodies from classic songs such as the birthday song.
You can control these sounds as you desire.
You can watch the lecture video which contains how to use and perform with WONDER ORCHESTRA.

You can play musical instruments Anytime, Anywhere.
It can make big sounds so you will be in the spotlight.
WONDER ORCHESTRA is great for close-up, street, parlor and also birthday parties as well.

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